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Lead your engineering team to success, and ship faster than ever before by making informed and confident decisions about your team's performance, talent, and processes - Don't be a duck, be a leader

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We've long struggled to get a clear picture of what's going on in our engineering team and what obstacles stand in our way. I feel that Acumen will be a key part of finally getting us on track to achieve it.

Muly Gottlieb,

Acumen helps us to identify error-prone components in our product, and continuously surfaces opportunities to improve our processes & productivity.

Gal Bashan,
Director of Engineering

The ability to unify data from multiple systems and quality of insights make Acumen an indispensable tool to any engineering leader.

Royi Shwartz,

The Acumen platform has streamlined and improved the way we operate as an engineering org. With Acumen, we get more than just another data source – we get a continuous flow of highly relevant insights that help us avoid risks and continuously improve execution.

Doron Gill,
VP Engineering

In the days of COVID lockdowns, Acumen helps us stay synced without any management overhead. That’s why I love starting my day with Acumen's daily update.

Dan Sela,
Team Lead

Anticipating risks matters more than ever when managing a remote team. Acumen helps me stay one step ahead.

Dikla Oren,
Team Lead

We believe in

Core Values - Ease And Simple

No bull$hit

Forget about salespeople (we don't have any), long time-consuming pilots, and over-committing to large budgets. Your engineering data will be analyzed within a day, so prepare to make the most of it within a week-long pilot

Core Values - No Sales No Pilots

We spell it out for you

We understand the impact of incorporating data into the leadership decision-making process. So we save you hours of analyzing charts and spreadsheets by providing you with processed and actionable tips based on your engineering activity and KPIs.

Core Values - Data Driven

Real-time data

Connect your project management tools and source control code. We handle the tedious data cleanup and data analysis for you and present all the information and insights you need to identify opportunities for improvement within your workforce and processes.

Less firefighting.
More shipping.

Engineering key metrics

Keep track of your engineering performance against industry-leading benchmarks and DORA metrics. Improve your team's efficiency and productivity by monitoring your team’s performance, identifying bottlenecks, and blindspots, and getting them out of your way.

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Teams benchmarking

Optimize your engineering structure to get the full potential of your talent by easily identifying leading or lagging teams. Use your data to get visibility of your groups and squads' activity in areas such as PR efficiency, collaboration indicators, velocity, work distribution, and more.

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Workforce health

A good engineering team relies on its contributors, make them shine! Take better human factor decisions by using activity tips about your top innovators, senior staff, engineering burnout, remote work efficiency, resource allocation, and more. Ensure they have the right plans to improve their personal and team performance.

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Acumen DORA metrics

DORA metrics

Get visibility into your DORA metrics status and trends, so that you can quickly identify bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline and take necessary measures to remediate them.

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