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High performing teams use Acumen engineering metrics to transform their data from Jira and devops tools into insights and context

Used by Leading Data-Driven Agile Companies

We've long struggled to get a clear picture of what's going on in our engineering team and what obstacles stand in our way. I feel that Acumen will be a key part of finally getting us on track to achieve it.

Muly Gottlieb, CTO Cloudshare
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The ability to unify data from multiple systems and quality of insights make Acumen an indispensable tool to any engineering leader.

Royi Shwartz, VP R&D

Acumen helps us to identify error-prone components in our product, and continuously surfaces opportunities to improve our processes & productivity.

Gal Bashan, Director of Engineering

The Acumen platform has streamlined and improved the way we operate as an engineering org. With Acumen, we get more than just another data source – we get a continuous flow of highly relevant insights that help us avoid risks and continuously improve execution.

Doron Gill, VP Engineering

In the days of COVID lockdowns, Acumen helps us stay synced without any management overhead. That’s why I love starting my day with Acumen's daily update.

Dan Sela, Team Lead

Anticipating risks matters more than ever when managing a remote team. Acumen helps me stay one step ahead.

Dikla Oren, Team Lead

Less Firefighting. More Shipping.

When scaling, dev teams experience chaos, loss of control and diminishing productivity, but they don’t have to …

Get the full picture and take back control

Everybody talks about continuous improvement and agilility, but It’s hard to see what’s going on with the team when data is fragmented across systems. Mining the data in-house is time consuming and complex. Acumen unifies data from software engineering tools (like Jira and Github) to identify bottlenecks, project risks, net work time, misestimations, unveil DORA & related engineering  performance metrics and more.

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Focus on what matters

“More management dashboards,” said no one ever. Acumen uses machine learning to mine through the data for critical insights and guidance to keep the team on track through software engineering analytics and DORA insights.

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Crank up productivity

Acumen delivers a steady stream of insights to help boost velocity and hit deadlines – without introducing any new process overhead or changes to the team’s workflow. The result is less time on work about work, and more time on engineering.

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Move from guesswork to confident planning

No one likes finding out about issues once it’s too late. That’s why Acumen is built to anticipate key risks and blockers. Stay one step ahead, plan with confidence, re-route the team when issues arise, and deliver on time.

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