DORA metrics

The DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) team has identified four key metrics that provide valuable insights into the health and performance of software engineering teams. These metrics include cycle time, deployment frequency, mean time to resolve, and change failure rate.

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Cycle time

Cycle time measures the time it takes for a code change to move from development to production. Deployment frequency measures how often a team deploys code changes to production. These metrics indicate how quickly and efficiently a team can deliver new features and bug fixes.

Acumen Pull request cycle time
Acumen MTTR + Change Failure Rate

Mean time to resolve (MTTR)

MTTR measures the time it takes to resolve incidents or bugs. A low MTTR indicates that the team is responding quickly and effectively to issues.

Change failure rate

Change failure rate measures the percentage of code changes that result in failed deployments. A low change failure rate indicates that the team is delivering high-quality changes that are less likely to result in incidents.

Deployment frequency

Deployment frequency measures how often a team pushes changes to production. It serves as a measure of the team's delivery speed. DORA research highlights that successful teams aim to deploy smaller and more frequent changes, which results in faster delivery of value to customers and reduced risk for the development team.

Acumen Deployment Frequency

To drive continuous improvement, it's important to track these metrics at both the team and organizational levels. Companies should also identify areas for improvement and apply strategies to address them. For example, improving cycle time and deployment frequency can be achieved by implementing automation and streamlining processes. Reducing MTTR and change failure rate can be achieved through better testing and monitoring, improving the team's skill set, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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