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Easy API-based integration

Acumen's easy, one-click integration uses APIs to securely and seamlessly pull data from your underlying systems. No complex integration or custom development is needed – just a quick setup and you're ready to go.

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We <3 messy data

Acumen’s AI models are trained to stitch together real-world data from across systems – tying together projects across systems (even with no linking key), interpolating missing data, and identifying unique patterns in how your team uses different systems.

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No changes to your workflow

Acumen delivers out-of-the-box insights without requiring you or your team to make any changes in how you use your tools, so you can start making better decisions without any process overhead.

A growing list of integrations

We regularly add integrations with new providers to deliver the most powerful and holistic view of your team. Have a request for an integration? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

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