Data-driven retros that lead to real change

Issues happen. (Hey, we're all human – even devs.) With Acumen, get past the “what” to the “why” with automated insights on root causes of output, velocity, and quality.

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Sprint Retrospective

Keep remote teams in sync

Get the team aligned around a single source of truth with retrospective insights delivered to the communication and collaboration tools you already use.

Root causes, not symptoms

Unplanned work? Helping other teams? Misestimation? Machine learning identifies patterns and trends in the data to surface – and quantify – the drivers of engineering outcomes.

Retros that stick

Nobody likes doing retros for their own sake. Acumen surfaces challenges from the last sprint so the team can adjust and improve the next time around.

Know where you stand

Track your team’s progress from sprint-to-sprint on key metrics like velocity, output, and quality. And benchmark your performance against industry standards so you know where to focus.

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Acumen helps us to identify error-prone components in our product, and continuously surfaces opportunities to improve our processes & productivity

Gal Bashan, Director of Engineering

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