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Acumen aggregates and analyses data that's automatically extracted from GitHub, Jira and other dev tools, to surface hidden patterns and supercharge Scrum events

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Automatically unifying data

Uncovering key patterns, actions, and metrics starts with hooking into multiple tools and pairing data points. Acumen automatically integrates with software engineering systems to securely collect and unify data as is, with no workflow changes required or any effort invested.

Unifying the data
Decluttering the mess

Focus on Scrum Metrics and KPIs

Use Acumen reports and alerts to measure team health, burnout and effectiveness. Define and measure sprint goals' success and turn qualitative assessment of a scrum team’s work into quantitative.

Guiding the team

Sprint planning? Backlog creation? Sprint reviews? Upcoming project risks? Tasks to keep an eye on? Acumen helps you analyze performance patterns, and proactively delivers insights at the moment of key decisions, from planning through execution.

Guiding the team
Surfacing the “why”

Surfacing the “why”

The team missed a deadline. Was it because unplanned work came in, bugs emerged, or the work wasn’t assigned to the right team member? Issues happen all the time in an agile scrum framework. With Acumen, daily Scrum and sprint retrospectives are painless ,knowing why – and how to improve.

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The ability to unify data from multiple systems and quality of insights make Acumen an indispensable tool to any engineering leader.

Royi Shwartz, VP R&D

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