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It's not easy to hit deadlines while maintaining quality. With Acumen, teams execute like a well-oiled machine. (A well-oiled machine with X-ray vision and lightning reflexes.)

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The complete picture

No more partial visibility. Acumen unifies data from across source control and project management systems to give a comprehensive view of what’s going on throughout the sprint.

Your ML-powered sprint guide

Machine learning identifies risks and blockers in the data to highlight what’s driving sprint performance – providing an accurate roadmap of what lies ahead and how to adjust course.

Insights to unblock the team

Acumen surfaces key insights to help teams adjust resources, shift time allocation, and redefine scope.

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We've long struggled to get a clear picture of what's going on in our engineering team and what obstacles stand in our way. I feel that Acumen will be a key part of finally getting us on track to achieve it.

Muly Gottlieb, CTO Cloudshare

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