Team benchmarking

Maximize your engineering team's potential by optimizing your structure and identifying which teams are leading or lagging. Leverage your data to gain visibility into your groups and squads, including PR efficiency, collaboration indicators, velocity, and work distribution.

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Identify bottlenecks

Quickly gain insight into your team's processes and benchmark their performance against one another to identify bottlenecks and address them efficiently.

Acumen identify bottlenecks
Acumen - Different metrics and indicators

Different metrics and indicators

Gain a crystal-clear view of the relationships between different metrics and indicators with a quadrant map of your teams. This map shows the position and performance of each team, providing insight into areas for improvement and potential bottlenecks.

Powerful insights

Access powerful insights by having all the data you need presented in a simple, actionable way. Drill down into each team to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and bottlenecks. With this knowledge, you can have fruitful discussions with your team leads and focus on areas that matter for improvement.

Acumen - Powerful inishgts

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